Your Money Needs to Get A Job
Hello, my name is Wade Cook. I’m an old cabdriver and the taxi taught me a very valuable financial lesson. It was this: the big money is in the meter drop. To me this meant making good money on a whole bunch of small runs. Sort of like: make millions in bite-size pieces. This is important because more people can get rich this way. Many have given up on the American Dream, others get a case of big-deal-itis and never make much.

Now, I write books. I’ve had four New York Times Business Bestsellers. One, WALL STREET MONEY MACHINE, was on the list for 18 months. These books are primarily about Treating the Stock Market Like a Business. This is not difficult if you get your brain to forget the old ways. “Much learning begins with unlearning.” It starts with looking at things differently.

I’ve done thousands of trades and have found one “workhorse” way to generate monthly income—real, spendable income. It is called Writing Covered Calls. Writing Covered Calls is simply this: You take an asset, in this case a stock, and then sell for cash, an option against your stock, giving someone else the right to buy your stock. Writing means to sell.

Let me show you a REAL deal, one from one of WIN’s TDTs. The stock was RenaSola Ltd. (SOL). It was going for $4.99 per share. Please allow me to round off to $5 so the math is easier. I think many people balk at making money because it requires using numbers. Not you, I hope. You buy the stock, say 1,000 shares. That would cost $5,000. If you want, you only have to put up half of that amount. Your broker will lend you the other half, using the stock as collateral. This is called margin.

You would have to put up only $2,500. Now let’s see what kind of money $2,500 can make. You’ll soon have to do some unlearning. These numbers will astound you. You’ll wonder where this strategy has been all of your life.

Now you look at the $5 call options out a month or so. They’re going for 60¢ x 65¢. That’s the bid and ask. If you do a market order, you’ll sell at the bid and buy at the ask. You have 1,000 shares so you can sell 1,000 times 60¢ and take in $600, right now. Here is what you have done: someone paid you $600 for the right to buy your stock at $5.

This is no joke. That’s money in your account. It’s $600 you can take out to pay bills. You can leave it alone, and even buy more stock with it. It’s your money. You have to hold on to the stock until the expiration date or until the trade is ended. Usually that’s four weeks or so. That’s what the “covered” means—if you sell the stock (meaning it goes above $5) you are covered—you have the stock to deliver. It’s a virtual cash flow machine. There are many protective strategies if the stock dips, and ways to make even more money—a lot more money. We call it double-dipping. And, are you short of money? $500 buys 200 shares and makes $120 in selling the option this month. How about doing that every month? It’s definitely possible.

What if you can do this type of trade every month? If you had a few batches of $2,500 you could make enough to quit your job and stay home. In fact, you can do this from home. I believe this makes the best part-time business in the country. That’s it. Simple but Powerful. Oh, and you can do this in an IRA.


This cab-driver has been asked by WIN, Wealth Information Network, Inc., to join in writing a weekly TDT.

That stands for Thousand Dollar Thursday. Here’s how it works. You pay a small monthly tuition, and they give you a weekly trade, just like the one above. They help you make $1,000 or more a week. Many weeks they give a few trades. But get this: You get this service and you get the real deals, the education, the support, and timely help.

Yes, it’s TDT, Thousand Dollar Thursday: A GRAND NEW DEAL EVERY WEEK.