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Wade Cook's Cash Flow First
and Learn to Treat the Stock Market
Like a Cash Flow Business.

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Do you know how to get assets making hassle-free income?
This short, yet explosive Money Report, is chocked full of pertinent, state-or-the-art ways to build "passive income."

There are tried-and-proven strategies, like Writing Covered Calls, which quickly and simply get your assets producing monthly income, yes, month in and month out.

Wade believes in getting people excited with true knowledge. He calls it "Productive Knowledge." You will quickly notice the difference between theory (of others) and the real experiences Wade uses.

You will love this brief explanation which will impact your future prospects for good—helping you live a more abundant life.
  • JOB FREE INCOME exposes a true work-horse strategy.
  • You will be thrilled by this simple-to-understand way to cash flow the stock market.
  • You'll see how to enhance your wealth and build this hands-free retirement income
  • Wade Cook and his team are in-the-trenches learning, practicing and sharing.
  • Writing Covered Calls is a proven income-enhancer. This Report is based on parts of Wade's NY Times Bestseller, WALL STREET MONEY MACHINE.
  • You'll love having someone in the trenches doing the deals.
Do you need extra income? Are you tired of the negative talk about the economy? Do you have bills to pay and debt to eliminate? But are you also tired of get rich quick schemes? We are sure you are.
We propose that you take a new look at having your own home-based business. Oh, not one that requires selling, or overhead, but a simple, powerful way to get your money to be more dynamic. This means for your money to have more personality. There are three reasons for investing and being in business. They are cash flow, tax write-offs, and growth for the future.
Which do you need more of right now?
We suggest that your need for cash flow, or more monthly income is first. We have found a solid way for you to do that, without you having to work a second job, or longer hours. What you need is to get your money (assets) working for you.
And if your money is tight, it’s time to have a garage sale or two and spend that time getting your brain around a very simple cash-flow strategy. It’s called Writing Covered Calls. It’s a way to get the stock market to work for you.
Now, don’t be put off by this. We know that there are hundreds of people who want you to invest in risky options, and other dubious strategies. JOB FREE INCOME will be a breath of fresh air. Writing Covered Calls is a strategy that you can even do it in your IRA. We’re not about get-rich quick, but about get rich steady. As in, steady monthly income.
You will need about $800 to $1,200 to start. What would an extra $300 a month mean to you? What about $3,000 or even $9,000 a month? By the way, that is what JOB FREE INCOME is all about—to get your income up so you can live a better, more financially rewarding life.
We’re serious about this, and we’ll send you this report, ABSOLUTLEY FREE. It will show you in just a few minutes what the billion dollar traders do, that so many other Americans have missed. In fact, it’s like the big guys, even the stock brokers say, “Hey Americans, you’re too stupid to understand these strategies,” and then along comes Wade Cook and says, “Hey Americans, you can do this. You can do it right here in this market and you can do it from your back bedroom or kitchen table. I’ll learn what the big guys do, distil it down and share it with you.”
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You don’t need millions. You don’t need any special college degrees. I will share with you these tried-and-true, time-honored strategies—and do it in a fun and exciting way. I am a pure educator. I sell books and get nothing out of what you make.
Besides my books and reports, like Job Free Income, I do research and write for a service called TDT, or Thousand Dollar Thursday, and if you become a member you’ll receive powerful information every week, including several real deals. TDT stands for THOUSAND DOLLAR THURSDAY. You’ll soon see what we mean and be able to add WIN to your team. If you have the dream, we most definitely have the team of people who walk the walk, having 20 plus years of experience and thousands of trades under their belt (Over 29,000).
Look around at the financial team you have. Who’s in your corner? You don’t have to be alone. It can be a bit confusing, but there is help. We are the only people who get nothing out of what you do. Again, pure educators.
You are just a few minutes away from being able to judge for yourself. Putting the stock market to work—after you forget old, boring strategies—will be an exciting way to face the future with more confidence, certainty and cash flow. You will be able to know of each trade, and the profits before hand. NO KIDDING.
The time is right. The time is now. The place is right here. To take advantage of this powerful knowledge, just order for FREE, JOB FREE INCOME.
“The BIGGEST fish you’ll ever catch is still swimming in the ocean."

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