Ketones and Making Money
Wade Cook

Maybe I got a bad rap. One friend of mine mentioned to another friend, “Oh, Wade Cook, what’s he selling now?”

I hope I’m teaching, not selling, but I love marketing and I truly love helping others. For example, one of my priorities in life was to help thousands of people better their life financially. Judging by my “Testimonial File,” I’ve been wildly successful.

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. That’s not why I’m writing. Wealth is cool, but your health is your true wealth. It is the number one concern for so many people. And rightfully so.
I’ve been retired. I still love the stock market, and I’m passively helping others, but my heart is in helping people get and stay healthy. Health and Wealth.

I’ve been searching companies, products and processes for years. Finally, after looking at about 22 companies—and seeing some of the most unique and amazing products—one just appeared. Like most good things in my life, it came through my wife.

The product is Prüvit’s KETO//OS supplement. It’s a packet you mix with water and drink. The science is amazing, but my anecdotal evidence is powerful to me. I invite you to check it out and Prüvit it for yourself.

Before trying Keto//OS, I was depressed—like I was in a fog. After one week on Keto//OS I’m happy! I feel better, sleep better, am telling jokes again (and some of them are funny). I’m walking, not shuffling. And the pounds are dropping off—24 pounds in 38 days. This is not a weight-loss product, but weight loss can be a result of using the product.

I have become a student of Ketones. Now with Prüvit’s Product, you can immediately get Exogenous (from outside the body) Ketones into your body in minutes. If you don’t know how important ketosis is—where the body is burning fat for fuel—and how it helps in your overall health, then let us help you start down this healthier, natural pathway.

You can start by going to and watch a four-minute animated video. Right below it is a way to get a 5-Day experience. Your cost is $27. Our cost is slightly over $27, but we’ll “eat” some of the cost, if you’ll eat (well, drink) some of this product. Then you’ll see for yourself.

Also, we would like to share a report, a few videos and other information—all to help you.

So, no, I have nothing for sale. I just love getting people excited with knowledge.
Please, don’t say no. This is vastly important. Don’t categorize this as some weight-loss deal, or a vitamin supplement. This is unique, a true category creator, and worthy of your attention.
Healthfully Yours, Wade B. Cook, author of . . . see, there I go again.

My friend, I know I keep writing and asking you to watch or listen to a short presentation. If you’ve ever been to Maui, you will want to know about pure therapeutic ketones and ketosis. What does Maui have to do with ketones? Recently, I’ve heard some doctors say that our bodies were born in a state of ketosis! Can you believe it? As long as a baby is nursing, they stay in ketosis. It’s only when we start feeding them other foods that they drop out of ketosis. So, if we are born in ketosis, shouldn’t we try to stay in that state? What is it? Where our bodies burn fat for fuel instead of glucose.

From the west coast, you may not want to go to Maui because of the vast ocean you must cross, with waves and sharks! It’s a long way and not fun if you must swim! But, along comes a boat and can get you there a little faster and safer. Then, lo and behold, along comes an airplane! Now you can get to Maui in a matter of a few short hours! And wow, when you get there, it’s paradise!

Previously, to get in to ketosis, we would have to go on a starvation diet. Then your liver breaks down ketones and uses that for fuel to the brain. Like swimming to Maui! Not very fun! Another way is to go on a low carb, high fat diet. It may take a while for you to get in to ketosis that way, and if you tip the carb scale the wrong way, you’re out again! Kind of like the boat to Maui.

But now we have airplanes that can quickly get us to our destination. That’s what Keto//OS does. Within 59 minutes, this supplement will put your body into ketosis, maximizing your energy, your mental clarity, and so much more!

KETOSIS—where the body is burning fat instead of glucose—is our preferred and natural state. For thousands of years our bodies lived in Ketosis. What happened? Sugars, Carbs, Poor Digestion and the rise in Diabetes, Heart Disease, Inflammatory Problems, and Mental Disorders.

It’s time to get back to Ketosis. Don’t be fooled with 3-day fasts, inhumane exercise and other torturous protocols. Now, you can get your body into “On Demand” Ketosis in 30 to 59 minutes with Prüvit’s KETO//OS Pure Therapeutic Ketones.

I’m an Independent Distributer, and would love to introduce this optimal (and only) way to get to instant Ketosis.

There are FIVE ways to optimize our health:
1. Better Mental Clarity—eliminate Brain-Fog.
2. Maximize Performance and Recovery Time.
3. Auto-Immune and helping the body get the right energy.
4. Inflammation, and the reduction in swelling and pain.
5. Aging More Successfully

Your brain is 60% fat, shouldn’t it be using fuel from fat, not glucose, for optimal performance. Finally, a company, Prüvit, has developed Pure Therapeutic Ketones, which put your body into Ketosis—where the body burns fat instead of glucose.

There is simply no other way to get your body into Ketosis “ON DEMAND.” Seriously, many think they know about Keto-Genic Diets


We have been fed a bill of goods—“feed” being the optimal word.

The Standard American Diet: SAD, is very sad. Snap out of it. Our body’s natural state is Ketosis, where the body burns fat for fuel. It’s better than glucose, which stores as fat, if unused. Just look around and see the inches piling on—and Diabetes Increases; Cardio-Vascular Problems are on the rise; Inflammation debilitates so many—Arthritis, Soreness and Stiffness; Mental Problems; and the quality of life goes down.

Friend, tell where you can find and use a supplement—Pure Therapeutic Ketones—that delivers real help to your body is so many ways:

And all of the wonderful ramifications that accompany these BENEFTIS.


Many people are unfamiliar with Ketones, and we’d like to help change that. Ketones are produced when your body burns fat, and these Ketones fuel your cells. They also help other bodily functions, including: Mental Clarity, Energy, Well-Being, Anti-Aging, Antioxidants, and numerous others.

Ketosis is a great state of making sure your body is getting the right kind of energy—and so much more. Ketosis simply occurs when your body is burning FAT, instead of glucose or protein.

Many have discovered that a state of ketosis (where the body is burning fat for its energy needs) is an ideal weight loss protocol, but it is so much more than that. Nutritional ketosis can be obtained through a Low-Carb, Moderate Protein, High Natural Fat diet. However, you do not have to change your diet to benefit from KETO/OS.

Let’s explore together the wonders of this incredible food-source and help each other in sharing and caring for others.

We would like to introduce you to a very exciting new product that aids your body into obtaining a state of ketosis. For years, we have been filled with wrong information, and our bodies need better information and better nutrients. I am an independent associate with Prüvit. These statements are my own.

Prüvit, a nutrition based company, has formulated a delicious drink (which you mix at home), and will help you get to a beneficial level of Ketosis.
From the Company’s Website: “Everything we do, we do to unveil hidden truths related to a healthy human body. We disrupt the status quo with evidence-based products that can be Prüvit.


Do you have time for your body? One wise person said, “If you spend your health to gain your wealth, you will later have to spend your wealth to regain your health.”

Do you have four minutes to watch a short, but very informative (and cute), animated video.
Here is my link: Once there, do the following: (1) Watch the 4-minute video. (2) Request a 5 Day Experience OR Sign up as a Promoter and buy a package of the product. (3) Contact us for additional training. Read the Keto/OS Playbook.
Let’s get you in the know, and on the go. If you want more info, or to get going, you can follow the link an order this wonderful product. My phone number is: 253-670-9918.

Disclaimer: No statements here have been evaluated, nor approved by the FDA. Your results will vary.

FREEDOM TEAM: I’m setting out to help thousands of people secure these great benefits, and hopefully you will want to join our FREEDOM TEAM and make it happen. Start now. Watch the video; Secure your membership and become an Associate. We can all make more money together than we can alone.

Abundantly Yours, Wade B. Cook. Write me directly:
or call 253-670-9918.

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