Two-Stepping Your Way to Prosperity

I have a really strange question for you. What would your life be like if money were not an issue? You have no reason to worry about finances? You have sufficient for your needs? You can live the life you want without having to go to work or run a business. Keep thinking, what would you do with your time? What would your life be like?

That state on existence almost seems surreal, doesn't it? But it does give one pause to think and ponder. To get to this point what would you need? Financially, you would obviously need a source of income. Some asset, a trust, a piece of property, something that would spin off the income you need to live on. So far, in my financial educational world that has been my attempt: to show people a way that they or their kids or friends could, in a few hours a month, make enough to live on, and live comfortably.

In all my years of writing books and teaching seminars no one has ever asked me to show them how to make less money. We all need more—more for college, more for kids, more for retirement, more for the necessities of life. I've looked long and hard over the years to find a way to get people out of the doldrums, out of poverty—even if it’s poverty of the mind—and into a situation where they can do a lot of good with their lives. And always, it comes down to more income, but income that comes in from a non-compulsory means. Income that flows. Income that is consistent, sustainable and income which allows total time and financial freedom. I have found nothing that compares to Writing Covered Calls. It's not just a strategy, but a way of life.


I believe that no one will be successful until they think successfully. It all starts with thought. I wrote TREASURE THINKING to explain this and show people how to grow and achieve more. It is the same with developing cash flow. So, as an educator I sit and ponder how to truly help people. Let me share four great ways to BE successful.

1. OVERCOME FEAR. Fear is the killer of dreams. It comes from who knows where. It can be a good thing in certain situations, usually for protection, and should be used wisely, but overpowering fear stifles and restricts. I remember a time when on a break at a seminar, an elderly man came up and asked me: "Wade, what if you're so darn scared? I asked him what he was not afraid of? He had about $20,000 to work with, but he was in his seventies. That was his nest egg, his retirement. He asked what I meant. I continued to ask more questions. He was scared to death to put at risk the whole amount. I asked about the use of $10,000, then $5,000, then $2,000. He trembled at each number. Finally when I got to $800, he said, "Yes, I can do $800." "Then start there," I said, "after you have paper-traded and practiced." I ask you the same question: "What are you not afraid of?" Start there.

2. DEVELOP SKILLS. In the education business, which I really love, I developed a system for learning. Notice I didn't say teaching. In many traditional ways I do not believe in teaching. I do believe in learning. I also believe "when the student is ready, the teacher appears." My educational system is what I call: "TELL. SHOW, DO." I tell the student how to do a trade. I then show them how to do it. I then watch over them as they do the trade.

One key to developing skills is repetition and duplication. It helps people get through the learning curve quickly and efficiently. This system is repeatable and can be improved upon. In fact, one of the things I like best about Writing Covered Calls follows this advice I learned long ago: "It's more important to make correctable decisions than it is to make correct decisions.”

Speaking of repetition and duplication: What I've tried to instill in people is the desire and ability to develop steady income. This is different than what most people think of when they think of investing in the stock market. In my seminars I called it: "Get Rich Steady." One man came and started with about $18,000. In no time, doing straight options, he was at $80,000. Fluke? No, but from time to time when the stock market is on a tear . . . well, to say it simply, in a Bull Market, everyone is an expert.

He went to his wife and told her he wanted to quit his job. He was 58 and couldn't stand his work. Now, I'm not going to get into what a typical wife, mother, father or friend will say. Suffice to say she wisely said simply: "Do it again!" He tried and tried. He could not repeat that set of trades. What he did was great, but for him it was not repeatable.

Finally he settled down and started doing covered calls. With just a portion of this money he started making $6,000 to $8,500 a month. After eight months of this type of income, he approached his wife again. She wholeheartedly supported his move to retire and just write covered calls. What changed? It was the steady income, month in and month out. And the weird part, in these eight months he made only $64,000. That's far short of the $80,000 made before. We all want security. We all need steady income. We all need support.

3. ASSOCIATIONS. I contend that a quality life is made by asking better, more quality questions and hence making better decisions, and the associations we have. I hope that we develop a quality association. I think you understand by now my love for the cash flow process. I've known since I was fourteen that I wanted to work with people and money.

What a great career I've had. I live my dream. My work is my hobby. I, nor anyone I'm associate with, get anything out of what you do. We are pure educators. You learn the strategies and you earn from the strategies. You keep what you make. We are pure educators.

4. POSITION AND PURPOSE. Writing Covered Calls is what we call "Position Trading." We establish a position and then use that position, or asset, upon which to base a continuous income stream. If you want a river of income, then keep at it a little longer. Every strategy, every formula is a learnable, repeatable and correctable process. The seeds of improvement are built in and inherent to this process.

One way to enhance this process is to now do "Purpose Trading." You generate income to pay the bills, not just get rich. You devote some time and money to make extra income so you can help you nephew with college. In fact, you teach him the process, helping him be a better steward of his money. Think of all the lessons you'll both learn as you work together. Your next trade is so you can pay tithing to your church. We do well so we can do good.


Note that I did not write "own a business." We need to treat the stock market like a business. I did not write like a job. My greatest heroes, even those from the Bible and American history, never punched a time clock. They did not wake up and at 8 AM become something different. Most of us realize that the old 9 to 5 is not taking us where we want to go. When someone controls our time and our life to this extent, there is hardly a way to excel financially.

So we consider going into business. Yet, that road too is fraught with potholes, speed-bumps and danger. What about a business like Covered Call Writing? I believe it may be the perfect business. No start-up costs. No excessive overhead. No employees, advertising, and all of the miscellaneous expenses that come up. Nothing happens until you act. No traditional overhead. It's clean, fun and exciting. And it can be done on your own time and at your own pace.

Everyone wants independence. We would like control over our financial future. We want to be our own boss. Study this quote from Diane Ravitch: "The man who knows how will always have a job; the man who knows why will always be the boss."

Our job is to show you the why's and explain the how's.


I love teaching and sharing. If you've been a teacher maybe you'll understand where my passion comes from. I wish you could sit and read the testimonials that come in. It's not so much what people say, but what they are able to do with the extra monthly income that counts. It is very exciting.

I am honored to be of service. When I think of what I would want from an educational service, like, I have to ask myself the questions you might be asking: Is it real? Is it taught by people with real life, real world experiences?

Have they been through good times and bad—bear and bull markets? Are they in the trenches every day, doing the deals? Do they have an ability to share ideas in an effective manner? What do they get out of what they teach? Is their information unbiased and truthful? Are they trying to get at my money, to manage or control or are they pure educators?

Inspiring minds want to know: What does everyone get out of the deal? Think about the team you have around you, if you have one. In the Financial Boxing Ring of Life, who’s in your corner? The opponent is strong and fortified. Who is your trainer, coach, support team? If you want some financial guru, you'll have to look elsewhere. I'm a fellow student hoping we can go on down the road together.


BE WISE. The art and science of gaining wisdom is almost lost today. Gaining financial wisdom however should be a constant quest. Let me share three ideas: 1) A wise person, one focused on the future, but firmly grounded in the now and works to build today that which will last through tomorrow, soon acknowledges the need for an extra, independent source of income; 2) Walk with wise people. It truly is a wise person who realizes that experience is the best teacher, but also realizes that he or she can learn from the experiences of others; 3) Wise people are first wise with their time and with their assets, money being the chief among these. They want results, even demand results. Are you getting the most from your time and money?

Here's a wise question for you. Have you ever seen any way of living, of making money, that allows you to stay home, take care of the kids and then using 15 minutes here and there, get your assets to produce this much money? I've traded in real estate, making millions. I've ran businesses, both big and small. One was a publicly traded corporation. I've owned oil wells, and a host of other businesses and investments. If there was one idea, one business, one investment format which can produce this level of income, with a short learning curve, I would share it with you.


When everything in life changes it is time to focus on those things which do not change. Financially, one thing that never changes is your need for income, and income coming in in ever greater amounts. This system allows you to create your own stimulus package. And this one relies on solid wealth principles that bring real change—change you can spend.

Writing Covered Calls is a workhorse. It's real, and you're just hours from generating your first income. If you need help, consider using WIN’s TDT. Become a subscriber and get going. One final metaphor. I heard and have repeated quite often the story of the sergeant in the war who needed to get his troops across a field, a mine field. As they approached a man told them that for $1,000 he would point out where all the dangerous mines were located. Another man said that for $2,000 he would sell them a map of the minefield. A third man said that for $5,000 he would take their hand and lead them across the danger zone, stepping with them to safety.

When I first wrote the above paragraph, I wrote dangerous minds, not mines. It was a typo, but was it really? It's amazing the influence others have on us. Be very, very careful whom you allow into your life to influence you.

I'm the third man standing by the minefield. I'm in the trenches. I make mistakes. I learn and grow. But I'm there fighting the daily battles. Come along for the cash flow quest of your life. Together we can do so much more. You can see results before you ever decide to subscribe. This site and our educational system is not about us, it's about you. Our desire is for you to create that second paycheck without getting a second job.


© 2016 Wade B. Cook. All Rights Reserved. Do you want to get going with your subscription to TDT, WIN’s flagship service? If so, go to and get more information. We encourage you to not delay. There is a special on the subscription pricing and great bonuses. These won’t last long.

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